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      UTERO -R-KURAA : NUtritional Support for Women

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    UTERO -R-KURAA : NUtritional Support for Women

    Boswellin,curcumin, Phytosterols, Withanin, Asparagus, Theopolyphenols and saraca indica exts can help reduce  a lot of these conditions by helping to Cleanse, Support and replenish the uterus and the ovaries.

    Helps reduce


    • painful bleeding
    • clots in bleeding
    • low back pain
    • Heart burn
    • inflammation/ head aches
    • Hairfall

    Helps to


    • Rejuvenate uterus and ovarian cells
    • regulate Metabolism
    • strengthen Ovaries
    • support uterus
    • improve urine output
    • improve blood circulation
    • strengthen bones and muscles.


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