• Liposol Kuraa

    Liposol Kuraa – Miraculous Mix for Healthy Cholesterol

    Helps reduce bad Cholesterol, heart burn, lipid imbalance.

    Cholesterol is essential for many body functions including Vitamin D and few hormones’ synthesis. Irregularity
    in lipid metabolism leads to Imbalance in ratio of HDL and LDL  cholesterol. This can lead to atherosclerosis, heart attack etc.

    Policosanol, Oat straw ext, B.Mukul can help reduce a lot of these conditions by helping to improve fat metabolism
    & regulation and help to maintain balance between good and bad cholesterol.

    Helps reduce

    • bad cholesterol levels
    • fat deposition
    • lipid ratio imbalance
    • Heart burn
    • inflammation
    • Indigestion

    Helps to

    • Regulates blood flow
    • improve fat Metabolism
    • regulate good cholesterol
    • maintain Blood pressure
    • regulate urine out put.
    • improve Digestion
    • improve heart function


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