• Hepa Kuraa

    Hepa Kuraa – Nutritionally strengthens Liver

    Helps reduce Gall bladder stone fomation, digestive problems.

    Liver is the major organ which detoxifies every food and medicine. Toxins can harm the Liver and can be a leading
    cause for major metabolic diseases like Diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, Vision loss.

    Silymarin, Picroliv, Ginger Ext, Ocimum sanctum ext can help reduce a lot of these conditions by helping to
    Cleanse, Support, replenish and strengthen the LIVER to improve digestion, metabolism, regulation.


    Helps reduce

    • Indigestion
    • Gall bladder stone formation
    • Gastric regurgitation
    • Heart burn
    • inflammation
    • Sleep disturbances

    Helps to

    • Rejuvenate Liver cells
    • regulate Metabolism/ Growth
    • Strengthen Digestion
    • Improve vision
    • detoxify the LIVER
    • improve LIVER fucntion
    • improve regulate Cholesterol.



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