• Hale Kuraa

    Hale Kuraa – Natural Antioxidants

    Helps reduce oxidative stress

    Oxidation causes release of free radicals which releases toxins leading to premature greying of hair, wrinkles on the skin, joint pain, Allergic  reactions, sleeplessness, fatigue and weakness due to muscle wasting and cell death.

    b-carotene, Asparagus ext, Theopolyphenol & Boerhavia extcan help reduce a lot of these conditions by reducing the free radicals formation.

    Helps reduce

    • Premature greying of hair
    • Wrinkles on the skin
    • Joint pain
    • Allergic Reactions
    • Sleeplessness
    • Anxiety

    Helps to

    • Rejuvenate cells
    • Improve vision
    • Strengthens organs
    • reduce cell death
    • bone strength
    • muscle fucntion
    • Improve memory




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