• Gyno Kuraa

    Gyno Kuraa – Nutritional support for women

    Helps support and regulate female hormones and organs.

    The ovaries and uterus undergo periodical changes every month. Irregularities in female hormones, other hormones,
    diabetes and other conditions can result in cysts, fibroids, cancer of the uterus, ovaries or breast.


    Boswellin,curcumin, Phytosterols, Withanin, Asparagus,Boswellin,curcumin, Phytosterols, Withanin, Asparagus,Theopolyphenols and saraca indica exts  can help reduce a lot of these conditions by helping to Cleanse, Support and replenish the uterus and the ovaries.

    Helps reduce

    • painful bleeding
    • clots in bleeding
    • low back pain
    • Heart burn
    • inflammation/ head aches
    • Hairfall

    Helps to

    • Rejuvenate uterus and ovarian cells
    • regulate Metabolism
    • strengthen Ovaries
    • support uterus
    • improve urine output
    • improve blood circulation
    • strengthen bones and muscles.


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